Child and Family Teams

Your Child and Family Team. . .

YOU BUILD your team with the help of your Care Manager.

  • YOUR participation and input drive the team’s decisions.
  • YOU CAN CHOOSE friends, neighbors and/or family to be on the team.
  • YOUR team meets on a regular basis.
  • YOUR vision helps guide TEAM planning to achieve your goals.
  • YOUR team develops a written plan, called the Individual Service Plan (ISP).

Your Individual Service Plan (ISP). . . 

YOUR Child and Family Team will create your Individual Service Plan (ISP). This plan is the road map which guides you and your family’s care while enrolled with MonmouthCares.

  • You and your team will meet regularly to identify Needs, Strengths, Abilities, Strategies and Services that will meet your needs and help accomplish your Vision.
  • Every meeting will have an Agenda that starts with your Vision and accomplishments.
  • You and your team will assess if your plan is working. Did the action steps (Strategies) in the plan help you and your family make progress?
  • You and your team will make adjustments, by changing the action steps (Strategies) ending some actions or adding new ones. (Lots of brainstorming)
  • You and your team members will take responsibility for specific actions to occur until your next meeting.
  • You and your family will receive a copy of your Individual Service Plan. You can identify team members to receive a copy of your plan based on your choice.

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