MonmouthCares is a non-profit Care Management Organization (CMO) in Monmouth County, NJ serving youth and families up to age 21. We are part of the NJ Children’s System of Care that helps youth and families with emotional, behavioral, substance use, and intellectual/developmental disability needs. Our Health and Wellness Team also helps our families to improve health care access and managing their medical challenges.

MonmouthCares' care management is funded through Medicaid and available to all youth and families that live in Monmouth County and meet the eligibility criteria of the New Jersey Children's System of Care.

MonmouthCares is seeking an Executive Director. 

Please click here to see more about this exciting opportunity to lead a mission-driven organization dedicated to children and families. MonmouthCares is seeking a leader who embraces strength-based management, a nurtured heart approach to coaching, and excels in building partnerships with community and government agencies. This is an opportunity to lead an agency with a solid 22-year history of using a systems approach to address children's complex behavioral health issues. MonmouthCares invites you to review the job posting and follow up for full information here.

Our Values:

  • MonmouthCares’ services are community-based, individually tailored to children and their families, flexible and outcome-based, with the locus of services, as well as management and decision-making responsibility, resting at the community level.
  • MonmouthCares strives to be culturally competent, with services that are responsive to the diverse backgrounds of the families we work with, including culture, race, ethnicity, color, religion/belief, gender/gender identity, disability, social-economic status, and the communities they live in.
  • MonmouthCares strives for excellence and to exceed the minimum standards of practice on behalf of our children and families. MonmouthCares views every obstacle as a challenge from which we will build our strength.

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MonmouthCares maintains the This is a free, online database that we recruit community providers to put their information on and share with the Monmouth County community. On this page you will find 1500+ resources that are locally accessible for Monmouth County residents.

New Jersey CMO

If you do not live in Monmouth County, Click here to find the Care Management Organization (CMO) in your county that offers an array of services to assist your youth and family. Each CMO is accessed by youth or their guardian calling PerformCare directly at 1-877-652-7624.

Latest News

MonmouthCares has been accredited by CARF at the highest level (Three-Years) for all of our programs, receiving exemplary recognition for our Youth TimeBanking.